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Exhibit Design Award No. 10


How do you turn a giant white box into a captivating exhibit design? If you're a designer at Bachmannkern you cut enormous slits into the box and fold each one inward to funnel attendees inside. Or at least that's the concept designers applied to the 46-by-53-foot stand for Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH, a provider of optoelectronic semiconductor products.
Touted by judges as "a serious design with a whimsical play on angles and shapes," the stunning structure crafted for Electronica 2014 comprised fabric that was internally and externally lit to create a glowing white cube. However, various exterior panels – or at times, all panels at once – periodically changed to orange, green, pink, or blue hues, an alteration that was synchronized to similar shifts in a video presentation on a central wall within the booth.

Attendees entered through a spacious arch on the front corner of the space or via one of the three massive "slits," each of which featured orange and black text that spelled out "Light is opening up new dimensions." Inside, attendees discovered five distinct product zones offering everything from LEDs and high-powered laser diodes to optical sensors. Each zone featured an angular table that was peppered with product displays and simple, textual graphics.
"While the stand presented very distinct product-display groupings, its wide-open interior allowed attendees to quickly identify their area of interest and peruse those products with ease," said designer Dirk BachmannKern. By pairing a pristine palette and minimalist aesthetic with an inventive use of angles and forms – and adding little more than a reception desk and a handful of simple seating options – designers kept a narrow focus on Osram's products and created an exhibit as pure as light itself.

by Linda Armstrong

Light Minded