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In principle we try to work as sustainable as possible and already at the design stage the old Bauhaus principle "Form follows Function" applies to us. Of course we pay attention already at the design stage to building materials that do not contain any harmful substances and are at least recyclable in case of disposal. We encourage the multiple use of exhibits and components and the sensible coordination of transportation. This not only saves CO2, but also freight costs.

Travel and transportation is a factor that should not be underestimated. This begins with the organization and planning of projects. Our principle is: as many meetings as necessary and as many video conferences as possible, in particular to reduce climate-damaging air travel to short meetings to a minimum. We have also consistently implemented this in a project in Tokyo. We also deliberately chose to transport the material within Japan because we decided to use a local service provider.
The issue is complex, however. We are pleased when our customers join us on the path to greater sustainability. Please feel free to talk to us about this.