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Sculptural fair design differentiates already from a distance. As a landmark, it not only generates attention, but is also a first stop on the "Customer Journey" of trade fair visitors. From the inside it offers immersive experience like no other medium. The walkability of the "sculpture" enables permanent new perceptions. Conventional patterns of perception are broken and new ones are stimulated.

At an exhibition stand, sculptural design provokes a field of tension. This moves between autonomous art object, which does not need to fulfill any function, and a design, which must fulfill the intention of the client communicatively and functionally. When form and function come together, tension is created and the temporal dimension of the spatial experience creates a special energy.

What happens when energy takes shape, even a sculptural one, was seen in our project for OSRAM Opto Semiconductors at the world's leading trade fair Light + Building. Energy was given a structure and so a fascinating sculpture was created that opened up new perspectives from every angle. Light and space were placed in an explorative relationship of tension and created a dynamic that was transferred to the visitor from a distance.
The high-energy brand world of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors formed the foundation for this. The spectrum of infinite possibilities is presented here in the form of an all-round media facade. Changing animations permanently bathed the stand in a new light and generated glances and curiosity. From this framework, energy strands grew, which created a complex space-creating sculpture inside that could be walked on and experienced.

For the design lighting manufacturer Oligo, a stand was sculptural right down to the individual exhibits: cubes, interlocked, tilted and homogeneous on the outside in noble black. The presentation of the lights inside could have been in a gallery or museum, also because of their seemingly functionless beauty.

For one of our customers at the next Light+ Building, we developed the basic idea of the sculptural trade fair design further with a kinetic sculpture.