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How contemporary is trade fair?
Many new trade fair venues are emerging worldwide in the markets for new customer encounters. But the transformation is here and the attractiveness of the communication and sales medium trade fair is shifting to new markets.

What is the impact of digitalization?
Digitization is opening up new communication possibilities and is fascinating billions of people: Snapchat was yesterday, TikTok is today and tomorrow? And the current generation of digital natives is still going to school or kindergarten. How will their needs and interests affect communication and the trade show?
For us, digitization is a "partner": Interactions such as augmented reality, media such as virtual reality or communication apps are now a natural part of trade show communication: whether before, after or during the trade show appearance, they create new dimensions of experience.

How can we make trade fairs fit for the future?
It is clear that in times of transformation and disruption, intelligent, differentiated and sustainable solutions are required. After all, people still want and need to come together to exchange ideas, experience innovations and also sell or buy. If trade fairs achieve this, then they also have a future.
On a positive note, the IAA has not attracted such a great deal of media interest in the auto show for a long time. The sometimes controversial discussion about mobility was a big hit in the social and traditional media.

Where is the journey going to?
Disruption doesn't always have to be digital, though. Many car manufacturers have decided against a classic trade show presence in part or in full, but have opted for live communication. Eventization is one keyword. One goes where the customers are with roadshow formats and temporary experience spaces. Or the trade fair or trade fair presence becomes a festival, but where content is the most important thing.
Here we have positioned ourselves accordingly to offer content, digital interaction and new formats from a single source.