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Everything is communication. Communication is everything. Every brand is different. Every room presents different challenges. Social context is constantly changing. This is why we don’t believe in modular, standardised solutions. Instead, we tailor an individual solution around your unique needs and those of the particular occasion.

Exhibition and Fair Design


A day at a fair is a long day. After hours of walking and watching, only a few presentations will still manage to impress. In such an environment, be it an exhibition, a fair or an event, your brand’s message must be precise and easy to grasp, an invitation that can be seen from far away. Not loud or noisy, but spectacular - so that even the briefest of contacts will be remembered.

Retail- and Shop Design


At the point of sale, people and brands encounter each other. Space and atmosphere represent your brand’s universe in which your customers should feel immediately at home. No matter whether shop-in-shop, showroom or flagship store, these spaces have to offer more than just the product. What is required is an on-going dialog, so that your products will remain in your client’s mind and shopping bag alike.

Publishing and Multimedia


It’s impossible for your brand to not communicate. The points of contact are unlimited. The seating area is as much part of your brand as the logo on the wall. The carpet inside as much as the lighting outside. The HR counter at the fair as much as the bill in the mailbox. For this boundless presence we unite the disciplines of brand architecture with event, multimedia and graphic design.

Because if a brand is everything, then it’s also this: a logo printed on a letterhead.