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Continental is shaping the future of a healthy mobility eco-system in which mobility, environement and mankind are balanced. Therefore the brand is a trailblazer in the area of healthy mobility – through the latest technologies, which arise out of a pioneering spirit and progressive thinking. This communication concept is the basis of the design for the Continental exhibition stand at the IAA 2019 in Frankfurt.As a game changer and innovator, Continental provides the impulse for the development of healthy mobility. Every innovation begins with an impulse. This sends out waves, preparing the way forward. This impulse is the driving heartbeat. The steady physical pulse of the heartbeat gives rise to vibrations. These vibrations activate the pulse wave, just as the impulse of a single drop striking the water’s surface sets a wave in motion. That was our idea.

The Vision Cocoon is the centrepiece of the fair stand, and the place where Continental shows its vision of the future. All innovations and products emerge from Continental’s vision.
The impulse wave spreads circularily outwards from its central starting point. The exhibited products and innovations are arranged radiantly in this area, symbolically carried by the impulse wave.

The outer areas deliberately reflect Continental’s visual identity in all its clarity. This ensures that the visitor quickly apprehends the brand even from a distance.

The inner areas take up the subject of healthy mobility. It means relaxation, recreation and ease - as well as clean air and the preservation of nature. Healthy mobility is the precondition for the pulse of life.

This principle can also be seen in the lively communication concept, which, through a combination of natural motifs and materials like spruce, moss and plants, gives rise to a feeling of great vitality.
The natural materials and motifs used here, combined with the nuanced shades of green, exude calm, security, inspiration, freshness, nature and life. They radiate a sense of balance and ease. The visitor can thus experience the vital feeling of healthy mobility first-hand.