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The idea for the appearance of the long-established company Eduard Kronenberg, which produces connecting elements for window constructions, was inspired by urban street scenes with generous window fronts. The idea of the window was reduced to the essentials. Different sized frames formed the basic framework for the concept. The classic presentation of the window was placed in a new context in which the frames were moved and overlayed. Their arrangement and classification provided structure and afforded insights, guided and curiously made the visitor into the stand.

The choreography of the frames enclosed the area and preserved the inviting openness. Their arrangement and visual axes connected the booth areas and elements spatially as well as conceptually.

Inside, natural wood defined the quality of a comfortable stay. Lamps, furniture and exhibits alluded to traditional manufactories, but created a modern co-working space for communication.

The back exhibit wall invited to immerse playfully into the assortment. What looked at first glance like a graphic processing, dissolved as a spatial product presentation. Icons were the fronts of drawers set into the wall containing products and product information. They could be removed and tried on a working table.

Above everything sat the imposing brand roof. It stood as a symbolic and spatial meta-level for the values of Eduard Kronenberg as a reliable partner and set the framework, symbolic of innovation and modernity. Together they created a brand identity that turned opposites into partners: traditional and modern - reliable and innovative.