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In summer 2016 LEDVANCE debuted with its first independent appearance after the sale by OSRAM GmbH. The company that combines traditional general lighting with modern LED technology and intelligent, networked lighting solutions commissioned Bachmannkern for its stand at “Internationale Funkausstellung” (IFA) in Berlin.

Main designing challenge was the combination of two contrasting product worlds. The idea of an interplay of light and shadow was born and formed the basis of the spatial conception. An extraordinary wall, spotlighted from one side, divided the booth into a bright white side and a black one in the shade. Two exceptional dualistic but interdependent environments were born to present the LEDVANCE portfolio.

The black side represented the product group „Edition 1906“. Symbolizing history, nostalgia and a retrospective look onto the past. An eye-catching bar and a lounge out of old fashioned medicine balls combined with bricks and steel beams created loft architecture, underlining the retro design and implying the unique look and feel of the 1906 collection. In addition, visitors were able to participate in a competition by posting tweets with pictures and hashtags (#IFA1906, #LightIFA, #IFA1906) shown on the large LED wall.

The white side of the brand wall showed the „Smart Home“ representing presence, technical progress and a future wise preview. The visitors were able to control the LEDVANCE smart lamps with mobile devices and enjoy the lighting moods.

At the outer edge the visitors were able to deepen the user experience by testing the products within reach. Placed next to a semi-transparent curtain surrounding the booth and setting „home“ accents while making the lighting effects visible from the inner to the outside. The complexity of light was experienceable in every kind and captured the moment individually.

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