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OLIGO Lichttechnik, light+building 2016


OLIGO Lichttechnik GmbH is a major manufacturer of luminaires and lighting systems. For light+building 2016 a variety of product innovations had to be shown to demonstrate a new, innovative realignment of the company.

In the full sense of the corporate philosophy „feel the light“ Bachmannkern orchestrated the brand at the leading trade fair for lighting, electrical technology and home and building automation. Message and theme of the exhibition appearance was OLIGO’s passion for lighting and luminaries, which should become sensible in exhibition appearance. Innovative design lights are reflected by a symbiosis out of a timeless design vocabulary and passion for detail within the booth’s design.

The entangled and tipped-over cubes show a precious black from the outside and are illuminated with bright light on the inside. The eye-catching and expressive façade encloses the booth like a dark shell, the inner booth is brightly illuminated. Intermediate spaces between the cubes attract interest and draw the visitor in. The cubes – black from the outside, white from the inside – show the flexibility and diversity of OLIGO’s products.

Every single one of them functioned as setting for an individual product presentation of one of the product families without cutting the products off from each other. OLIGO’s railing system, as an example, was put up netlike through the room to show it’s creative possibilities in a spectacular way.

For communication purposes a “work table” was installed in the centre of the booth – a place for dialogue between OLIGO and its customers with integrated product showcases and seating accommodations. By means of a clear and straightforward design the exhibition appearance embodies the zeitgeist and agility of OLIGO as well as it shifts their products into the focus of attention.

feel the light