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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, electronica 2014


During the Electronica fair in 2014, Osram Opto Semiconductors wanted its presentation to convey the message that ‘there is more beyond lighting’ with regards to the company’s operations and its portfolio.

The task of designing the stand was entrusted to Bachmannkern who used the element of surprise as a starting point. The striking, luminous stand was unmissable at the 26th edition of this International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications, and set the stage for a stunning multimedia presentation.

With its strong architecture composed from staggered angular planes, the structure expressed the dynamics of the company and showed that there is more than meets the eye. Its illuminated facades made of backlit fabrics glowed intensely, immediately attracting visitors’ attentions. The edges of the wall planes were defined in orange resulting in a dynamic structural outline which pointed to a prominent element of the company’s corporate identity. As the planes shifted, views opened into the interior inviting visitors to explore the presentation further.

Inside, the stand was divided into five domains, each displaying different scopes of application with a unique claim beginning with, ‘Light is....’ Each of the five claims – Connecting, Pioneering, Enriching, Stunning and Inspiring – was communicated by a distinguishing light colour and wall space.

A large LED wall in the centre of the booth showed accompanying films relating to each of the domains. During each of the relevant film sequences, both the internal and external walls of that particular domain were illuminated in its distinguishing colour, dramatically transforming the appearance of the stand.

A sixth film sequence united the presentation and bathed the whole booth at the end in the iconic Osram orange hue.

light is...