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Osram Opto Semiconductors, electronica 2016


Already for the fifth time in succession Bachmannkern was in charge of designing the Osram OS appearance at the electronica in Munich. The high-tech company in the sector of semiconductor and lightning technology presented the “Spectrum of infinite possibilities”.

Innovative minds and passionate hearts met with expressive design, focusing on the best possible exchange of information and comfort for customers and visitors. The motto of the Osram OS concept was based on “light comes in straight lines”. For this reason a spectrometer was chosen as formal element.

Illumination, Sensing, Visualization


Derived light cones created three exhibition areas, which were connected by a circle that represents the company. This resulted forum allowed the visitors to enter the OS brand world with the help of VR glasses and headphones.

Every cone represented a specific aspect of OSRAM OS. In their interior the exhibits with their technical characteristics were set in dramatically different light scenes. Furthermore customers can experience the exhibits in application.
Inside the cone “Illumination”, hanging globes, illuminated with dynamic animations symbolized light sources, illustrating the full range and possibilities of light.

“Sensing” light is pulsating through cylindrical bars to illustrate the functions of sensor technology.

The product range of “Visualization” were presented with impressive lighting effects and movie animations, which were hitting rectangular surfaces in different sizes and heights.

High-quality meeting rooms, in terms of content and design inspired by the cones, and the generous hospitality area provided space for communication and the development of partnership-based cooperation.

Lights off - spots on!