50th Creative Award for Studio Bachmannkern

50th Creative Award for Studio Bachmannkern

We celebrate the fiftieth design award. The trade fair project "Driving Comfort in the Sky" at the AIX - Air Craft Interiors Expo 2022 was awarded a silver BrandEx in the category Best Stand M on the award show stage in Dortmund.

In addition to an unusual design inspired by hangar structures, the stand is characterized by the fact that it will be used again at future trade shows. The distinctive design shows that special construction and sustainability are possible.

Since 2007, national and international juries granted awards for our projects. This is always a very special recognition for the whole team. For us, it is already the fiftieth design award in a row. At the beginning of this success story was an ADAM, the predecessor of the BrandEX Award now presented in Dortmund, which honors outstanding creative achievements in the live communications industry in the fields of events and architecture.

Picturess: m4fcc.de

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