An example for more sustainability

An example for more sustainability

Sustainability is one of the main issues today, but for Studio Bachmannkern thinking in material cycles and reusability has a long tradition. This applies also for the latest DURAVIT-trade fair booth at the ISH in Frankfurt/Main.

The large-scale textile facade was completely free of PVC, the material tested for harmful substances by OEKO-TEX® and certified with the Standard 100. The fabric is also fully recyclable, thus a valuable contribution to sustainability and environmental protection. It saved transport volume and weight, therefore carbon compared to a conventional massive exhibition stand facade made of coated or composite material.

All the ‘you places’ were designed and constructed in a way, that they now are reused at further trade shows all around the world. Therefore, all their essential construction elements are stored and reused. Whether ceiling sails, products, light boxes or flooring such as tiles.

Concerning the entire metalworking we have a preference for steel. The production process is less harmful than that of aluminum. And a steel girder is used many times, before it can easily be recycled.

We are specially happy, that the basis of the design and layout will be used again at the two follow-up trade shows, ISH 2025 and 2027.

If you want to see more of the project, follow the Link to DURAVIT@ISH.